We love fashion and we also love our environment. Among our needs for clothing and looking good, taking care of our beloved planet and its habitat as also natural. So, many contemporary issues emerge which we have to deal with. 


First of all, we’re fond of animals – we have plenty – so we don’t want to use real leathers anymore. Working with cruelty-free, so called vegan materials is essential for us. But we also want and like quality which is primarily associated with real leathers. However, lot of artificial material is a product of a chemically harmful manufacturing, we’ve found our way to make a good deal.


Waterbased PU (polyurethane) is good quality alternative to maintain this philosophy. The production uses pure water instead of tons of chemicals known to be harmful for the environment in many ways. It’s not perfect being partly artficial but we believe that step by step we can come near to a kind of manufacturing that is perfectly sustainable. 


Producing small series of our bags also has a big part in our approach. By storing huge amounts of products you have to use energy and labour in advance and use up a lot of space for storage. Which means waste and you can easily end up with surpluses – in many terms. 


This is some sort of minimalism, that is not just our principle in economic, but also in aesthetic terms. Comforting shapes, colours, sizes that you can easily accommodate can help relieve yourself among the overwhelming everyday stimuli that our life is today.