About us

 Updated, contemporary materials for sustanability.
Quaility standards, comforting minimalism for everyday hustle.

is an EU based fashion brand committed to contemporary needs.

PLANETA distributes small series of handmade, quality waterbased PU-, vegan leather bags. If your are curious about our novelties or just want to see more pictures of the products, please visit our Instagram site:


Vegan leathers used at PLANETA are made by waterbased microfiber suede technique, a dry-coating technology that, instead of several chemicals, uses up water. This results in a non-woven microfiber backing and real leather-like finish without using many of the chemical articles (DMF or Toluene for example). Here eco friendly production results in raw, well fabricable material suitable for real leathercraft.
The up-to-date fabrics are not only for us and for fashion, but also for the environment.

Everybody likes the touch and feel of real leather and all craftsmen longs to work with it – no question. Here at PLANETA we keep this enjoyment without harming our beloved animals and nature.
The key is sustainable, eco-friendly, minimalist and comforting fashion for the 21st century.